Engineering centre of fire robots technology “FR”

Fire-fighting mini robots and robotic fire suppression systems

Effective modern protection of public and industrial buildings and structures

Water mist fire robot with flow rate 4 l/s with IR scanner


  • Automated search for sources of fire
  • Operating the extinguishing agent stream and pointing it directly onto the fire source
  • Remote monitoring


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Application area

  • Trade, exhibition, sports complexes
  • Administrative buildings, hotels, hospitals
  • Museums, book depositories, libraries
Water extinguishing
  • Production and storage facilities
  • Parking lots
Foam solution extinguishing

About product


  • liquidation and localization of fire
  • and/or cooling of the supporting cover structures of the building and protection facilities located in the immediate vicinity of the fire

Additional options

  • CCTV and video recording
  • Integration with other security systems
  • Automatic testing of a system

The composition of a Robotic Fire Suppression system

  • two or more fire robots
  • solenoid valves DN 50
  • control system

Types of extinguishing agent

  • water
  • water mist
  • foam

Operating modes

  • automatic
  • remote

Firefighting mini robots


Nozzle IR scanner Body Actuator
Water mist fire robots with flow rates 4 and 10 l/s with IR scanner
  • Nominal pressure – 0,4 MPa
  • The flow rate of water (water solution of foaming agent) – 4, 10  l/s
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Body Nozzle IR scanner Actuator
Water-foam, universal, programmed (remote controlled), fixed firefighting robots with IR scanners
  • Operating pressure  – 0,3 – 0,8 MPa
  • The flow rate of water (water solution of the foaming agent) – 10, 15, 20  l / s
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Stages of robotic fire suppression system operating

The fire alarm system informs the robotic fire suppression system of a fire*
The control system sends the firefighting robot a signal to search for fire
IR scanners installed on firefighting robots begin to search for the source of fire. The coordinates of the source of ignition are transmitted to the control system
Having determined the coordinates of the source of ignition, the control system sends a signal to the firefighting robot closest to the source of ignition to open the valve(s) for feeding extinguishing agent.

Note: *The control system of a robotic fire suppression system can receive general or zone signals from the system (specified at the design stage). There is also a possibility of using a PDU-P remote control.

See the structural diagram of the RFSS

See the irrigation diagram

(depending on the elevation angle of the fire robot)

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Firefighting mini robots
Robotic fire suppression system was developed by Engineering centre FR
Fire-fighting mini robots
Fire-fighting mini robots protection of public and industrial buildings and structures



Engineering centre "FR" at the Trade Fair for Safety, Security & Fire Protection Intersec 2018 in Dubai
30 January 2018
The Norwegians became interested in Petrozavodsk robotic firefighters
30 January 2018
Engineering centre “FR” is the winner of the Best Innovative Project Contest
29 March 2019

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